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Default Re: LOL.,.. i dont ever want to hear it again

I copied the following from another post i made this evening over in the "NFL" forum :

But i've said over....and over....and over again.....Brady's a good one. A very good one. But i've never thought of him as "the best" as he gets labeled as constantly.
For the majority of his career he's sat behind an almost unpenetrateable offensive line and been part of smart offensive play calling that utilizes quick slants and 2 TE's. And he's had a great coaching staff.
Put any of the other guys in that situation and they play almost as good or just as good.

Can you imagine Brady playing behind OUR "made of paper" offensive line and dumb play calling? He'd be eaten for lunch and probably would be paralyzed by now.
I've never bought into the Brady thing.
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