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Default Re: Even more reason to root for N.Y in XLVI

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
You should read there forums now lol. Half of it is how spygate didnt matter and only a**holes bring it up and the other half is "the Steelers lost to Denver so they will never beat us again". They were talking to about Harrison and Clarks tweets saying things like "rapists never win" & "the Steelers just need excuses". I laughed my ass off when a Chargers fan on their board said :"the Steelers are 6-2 in the SB and the Pats are 3-4". The next pats fan to comment said "we always beat the Steelers" and the Chargers fan responded by saying "Didnt they beat you this year?" The whole thread blew up with hatred and nonsense after that lol.
I guess they just can't face the truth. And as far as spygate not being a big thing and everybody does it, how come the Cheatriots were the only team penalized for it?
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