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Default Re: Brady: I Watched Super Bowl Last Year On Illegal Website

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
He was in Costa Rica. Maybe network television is harder to come by?

But either way, Fluck internet censorship.
Nope, -it's much easier to come by there.
I've been to Costa Rica several times, back in 07, and 08.
Basically, the Cable companies, "pay once" for ALL the good Movie,..., Sports channels, via sattelite, and then they just "distribute" it out to all the homes,..., at a set rate, and it was dirt cheap monthly, I luved it man.

If Brady can call that "illegal" ?, then he is dead wrong, but obviously what Brady thinks is "ill-egal" States-side ? is NOT in San Jose, Costa Rica. It's very legal, and normal practice there.
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