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Default Re: LOL.,.. i dont ever want to hear it again

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
are you kidding me??? anytime you bash Brady it is steeler football... I assume your a Brady blow hard as well... good lord man get a clue... look at the board now its filled with topics that arent steeler topics

lol... brady lover i guess you had a bad night last night uh?????
Typical 60 minutes...

Accuses people of being ravens, browns, and bengals fan if they are critical of any steelers players/staff. Now he's calling a moderator a Brady blow hard and telling them to get a clue....

It's obvious he's deprived, or addicted to something, and clearly doesn't like when you refute his grandiose, Willy Wonka, outer space posts with actual facts.

Suspend me if you want, but 60 minutes is an idiot.
GO Steelers soon to be AFCN champions, soon to be AFC CHAMPIONS! SOON TO BE 2014/2015 World champions!
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