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Default Re: Second Super Bowl loss to the Giants hurts Belichick's, Brady's legacies

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
What Legacy? Playing in a Terrible Division for so many years and getting annual free entries to the Postseason?

This is a team that was saved by the worst non-fumble call in history. Tom Brady being slapped with a unfounded "clutch" label and winning MVP when all he had to was drive it into Field Goal range so Adam V (The REAL Hero) could win the Super Bowl.

Then there's Spygate, and now the fact that the aura of invincibility Belichick carried is gone now that the Pats are 0 fer 2 in Bowls since.

Belichick is an Emperor with no Clothes. A Faux Dynasty plated in gold.

true, true, true.

Patsy schedules, terrible division opponents, refs kissing Brady's a** so bad they're actually nodding over to him between plays, and a WHOLE lot of luck (the Ravens, fools that they are, should have won that game..period) and on and on.
Agree with above too....i don't think Belichik is considered in the "Siefert/Noll" class of coaches now. More in the "tom landry" category. Very good, but not legendary.
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