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Default SB post-game sports shows..

I caught a bunch of analyzing this morning and afternoon. I got annoyed after a few hours and had to turn it off. Some things that stood out.

1. Who won the SB? the Giants, right? And Manning was the winning QB. The talk and even praise ( got it) was Brady this, Brady that, Brady, Brady, Brady, Brady, Brady....and even some more Brady. There's a picture above all this analyzing of Manning and i wanted to call in and say "geez, guys....who won again? And who's picture up there is that?

2. Eric Mangini is now solidified as the analyst i can't stand the most. My god, was he annoying today. He was kissing Brady's a** so bad i thought the next thing he was going to do was phone Tom on the show and ask for a date. It was ridiculous. Skip Bayless was tireless once again in his love for Brady, but at least he was calling out Brady's mistakes. Not Mangini. They couldn't even pry it out of him.

3. The Welker play was looked at quite a bit. Some guys had it right, that although it possibly could've been caught, it was really an un-catchable ball. The guy was running almost full tilt, had to turn 180 in the air, jump (backwards)) and catch the ball??
Of course Mangini blamed it on Welker, but even the Brady-loving Bayless faulted Brady for a poor pass.
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