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Default Re: SB post-game sports shows..

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
its almost as if everyone seems shocked that the patriots lost, as if it were the undefeated 2007 patriots losing. everyone bought the hype of them being sb favorites all season. not even this much shock was shown for the packers when they lost. all the pundits were buying in that brady was the greatest montana ande belichick was the greatest lombardi/walsh before the game was even played or records even set.

the worst thing is all the apologizing that the talking heads are doing for brady. " poor guy has no weapons. change the intentional grounding rule", welker shoulda, gronkowski woulda, the giants shouldnta even been there because they were 7-7 record at one point."
Haven't watched any of it, because I figured as much would happen. Have they made any excuses about Gronkowski not being 100% and Tuck giving poor wittle Tommy an "owie" to his non-throwing shoulder as to why they lost? I'm sure they probably have, but I'm just curious.
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