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Default Re: SB post-game sports shows..

Originally Posted by Sixburgher View Post
Haven't watched any of it, because I figured as much would happen. Have they made any excuses about Gronkowski not being 100% and Tuck giving Brady an "owie" to his shoulder as to why they lost? I'm sure they probably have, but I'm just curious.
on espn ive heard a healthy gronkowski and woulda won by 2 tds.

- a healthy gronk woulda dove, leapt and caught the hail mary before it fell to the ground, and a healthy gronk woulda jumped up and snagged the ball from #93 defender who intercepted it.

its ALL apologies. nobody gave a shit when ben was hurt. all the mediots and analysts could do was give jim harbaugh a coach of the year award and say tomlin was an idiot for playing him.

suprisingly i havent heard anything about bradys shoulder. thats probably because he is invincable and doesnt feel pain.
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