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Default Re: Immaculate Reception Game

Originally Posted by bleacher View Post
Hey there! I'm a producer for Bleacher Report and am looking to do a short video piece on the Immaculate Reception game from the perspective of the fans....I'm trying to find fans that actually attended the game.....if any of you were there to actually experience it, please message me! I'll be coming to Pittsburgh in the coming weeks and would love to interview a few people!

My father would be the PERFECT candidate. He tells his story flawlessly. Heard him tell it around 500 times and it never gets old. The Immaculate Reception was his first game and he was 16 years old. The story is priceless. My favorite of ALL TIME. He went with my Grandfather, my Grandmother and his 2 brothers, all teens. Their seats were in peanut heaven, but him and his brothers took off and started heading down to the lower sections during the final minutes.

All 3 of them were apart of rushing the field when Franco scored and stood next to Joe Greene on the kickoff because they ordered everyone off the field because there was still time on the clock and they had to kickoff. He said a beer man was jumping up and down when Franco was running it in and he was literally scooping the quarters off of the ground because change was falling out of his pouches.

He said he had to of accumulated atleast $15.00 in quarters. He said it was just pandemonium. Loudest he's ever seen. Good stuff. My uncle still has his ticket stub.
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