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Default Re: Let's make the NFL more exciting.

I like the idea of goal posts being "narrowed" in to put a premium on accuracy. This would make the idea of playing for a FG in the late moments of a game for a win instead of scoring a TD an iffier proposition.

I would like the Pass Interference rule to change to a yardage foul and not a point of foul. Maybe a five to ten yd penalty, also on Offensive PI make it a five yd penalty and loss of down, hey , why should the defenders be the only ones who have to play hands off.

One thing I think will be addressed is the hitting of WRs. Hits to the helmet will be looked at even harder, but since James Harrison took out the Broncos WR with a low hit, (something he has said the rules were going to force him to do and perfectly legal) I think the league will look into those type hits also. James even told the league the hits to the knees were more career threatening type hits.
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