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Default Re: Anyone getting the PS Vita?

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
no, that's why I'm inclined to get the PS vita. I was at best buy and noticed that they were taking reservations for it. I did some quick research on it and saw that FF12 was also coming out for the vita, and so I was sold lol. I'm mostly a RPG player, if it gets the same RPG titles as the PS3, then it's worth it in my book.

also i'm more a fan of handheld gaming systems. I don't like to sit around and play games for hours on end, a portable sorta gives me the option to throw it in my backpack and play here and there, rather than having to go all the way home to play something
Well when you get the vita you'll have to create a PSN account. It's free. Send me your PSN name on here and i'll add you. Vita actually does the cross-platform. You can chat with PS3 users, and in some cases, play PS3 game's with them as well.

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