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Default Free Agent FB's to target

Of all the free agent fullbacks i could find there were only a few that i think are true fullbacks and could have an impact for us. First one is Owen Schmitt-Eagles. I was hoping we would draft him when he came out of West Virginia but Arians doesnt like guys that block. He is a warrior and an animal, and i think he could become successful if used correctly. He's probably most notable for this:

And the other guys is Le'Ron McClain who used to play for everyone heres favorite team the Ravens, but is a massive guy and a decent run blocker. If we dont go with a veteran i would like us to draft somebody to open holes for Redman and Mendenhall depending on who ends up starting.

One guy that is a real weapon but i doubt we would be able to afford him is Marcel Reece. Hes a great runner,receiver and blocker but he might be out of our price range.

And one more guy that isnt a household name but is a pretty good player is Tony Fiammetta from Dallas. DeMarco Murray tore it up when Fiammetta was in the lineup and his numbers dropped when Fiammetta was out. Not a household name yet but could be if he ends up with us.

Id be happy with any of these guys, but whether we will incorporate a fb is yet to be seen
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