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Default Re: Thanks for the love!

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Seriously.... a mod should put a ban-bullet in the back of this guy's skull for his own good. It would be considered a mercy "killing" and prevent this buffoon from further embarrassing himself by openly crying on another team's message board who had no part in the outcome other than to offend his pansy ass by rooting for an NFC team against his cheating, cream puff team.

Dude, grab your Tom Brady man-goo chin-kerchief, wipe your tears, and crawl your butthurt ass back to your team's quickly unloading bandwagon before they leave you behind. My guts can't take any more laughing at your absurd hypocrisy and childish bellyaching.

Your accusations of "cheating" are the most ridiculously hypocritical bullshit I have ever read here and your whining about Giants players faking injuries when you have the biggest pu$$y QB in the league flopping around on the ground every other play like an out-of-water flounder with epilepsy crying for flags like a petulant child for someone breaking one of his Lee Press-On Nails is deserving of one of these...

Best post ever!
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