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Default The Colts are doomed, Manning to Broncos?!

-Peyton Manning has carried the Colts franchise for 15 seasons. He has never

missed a game until he missed all of last season. We all know the accolades and

success he has had, and that he is responsible for being the difference on his team

between superbowl contender and perrennial joke. Now the Colts' owner Jim Irsay

has the audacity to say he will resign Manning to a lesser contract "if he wants to be

here." What an asshole!

- I can tell you who did not want to be there. John Elway did not want to be there. He

chose to refuse to sign with the Colts, and I think it would be a smart move for

Andrew Luck to follow in Elway's footsteps rather than Manning's. The Colts have

started a "rebuilding process" that involves getting rid of any talent that they may have

on their roster. Wayne is a FA and not expected to be back, and neither is Gonzalez.

Diem and Saturday are two veteran lineman gone from a depleted OL. Andrew Luck

would be going to a team with a poor OL and Pierre Garcon as the top WR with no

viable #2 WR. This team is going to be significantly worse than the 2-14 team of a

year ago.

- The Colts are putting themselves in a position to be an NFL laughing stock for

years. If Manning feels healthy enough to play in the NFL he should do so with

another team. The Colts have done everything possible to remove themselves from

contention next season even with a healthy Manning. There is no chance in my mind

that Luck will be unable to pull off the miracle that Manning has every season, and

raise the Colts from their natural position at the bottom of the food chain. I feel sorry

for Luck if he goes to the Colts because his talents will be wasted there.

- On the other hand I believe there is one team in the league that could very

possibly win the Superbowl next season if they were to acquire Manning, and I don't

think there would be anyone better for Tim Tebow to learn from. I think Manning

should finally follow Elway and head to Denver! The Broncos had the 11th ranked

total defense in the league last year and they have the second most cap space. Let

me play devil's advocate here.

- Not only could they hire Manning, but also Randy Moss who is looking to come

out from retirement! Could you imagine Peyton Manning throwing the ball to

Demaryius Thomas and Randy Moss in place of Tim Tebow?! The difference would

be an unstoppable juggernaut football team. Your thoughts please ahahaha.
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