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Default Everyone talks about the great 1983 Draft...

for QBs. Well how PATHETIC was the over all Steelers draft?

Rd 1 Gabe Rivera DT... tragic accident (passed on Marino, Ken OBrien and Darrell Green)
Rd 2 Wayne Capers WR... WHO? (passed Bill Pickel, Albert Lewis and Dave Duerson)
Rd 3 Todd Seabaugh LB... See Rd 2! (passed on Charles Mann.. nuff said)
Rd 4 Bo Scott Metcalf DB... ??? (passed Greg Townsend and Riki Ellison)
Rd 5 Paul Skansi WR... I remember Skansi, as a Seahawk!
Rd 5 Gregg Garrity WR... have his rookie card. yay...
Rd 6 Eric Williams DB... vague memory on him (passed on Reggie Roby)
Rd 7 Mark Kirchner G... (passed on Gary Kubiak)
Rd 8 Harry Odom RB... OMG (passes on Richard Dent, Earnest Jackson and Ronnie Lippett)
Rd 8 Craig Dunaway TE... (passed Mark Clayton)
Rd 9 Blake Wingle G... camp fodder (passed Bobby Humphrey and Stanley Wilson)
Rd 10 Roosevelt Straughter DB... (Tim Krumrie, Mervyn Fernandez, Jesse Sapolu)
Rd 11 Mark Raugh TE... (Tim Spencer and Karl Mecklenburg)
Rd 12 Roger Wiley RB... OK this is probably the biggest miss by everyone in the draft when ANTHONY CARTER IS THE NEXT TO LAST PICK IN THE DRAFT!!!!!

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