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Default Re: Goodell on 18 games: 'People want more football'

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
It's all about the money. 18 games is a horrible theory.

While they don't loaf quite as much as Pro Bowl games, established players just don't go full 100% in pre-season games. So when he says "we'll drop a couple pre-season games", thats not a fair statement. Its apples and oranges.
Many players are barely making it through the season now as it is. Awful idea and i hope it promptly gets shut down.
Peter King tracks your thoughts

"I appreciate the enthusiasm for it and I hear it from the fans consistently. People want more football. I think they want less preseason and more regular season and that's the concept we are talking about here."

King responds to that quote from Goodell

Just who exactly is the commissioner hearing from "constantly?'' And if you're out there, I'd love to hear from you.

There is no good reason to subject NFL players to two more games that count. The only reason is greed. The idea of an equal exchange -- two regular season games in, two preseason games out -- between games that don't count and those that do is folly. On average, veteran players play between four and six quarters in the preseason, and some not that much. On average, veteran players play all of a regular season game. So to say the four series a veteran would play in the preseason (at less intensity, for the most part) is equivalent in any way to a regular season game is misleading at best. I've asked fans, by Twitter poll, if they'd like to see 18 regular season games, and the overwhelming answer was no..
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