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Default Re: Goodell on 18 games: 'People want more football'

I'd prefer 18 games for sure. I don't go to the preseason games and basically give the tickets away. Having real home games and only 1 preseason game to throw in the trash would be a lot better for me personally. For the Steelers, it's not an issue as they sell out with season ticket holders. But, how many tickets go unsold with other teams for the preseason. The NFL is leaving a lot of ticket money and more importantly tv money on the table with 4 weeks of preseason.

Maybe a 17 game season with an extra bye week would give both sides a little something. I kind of like the idea of a non conference geographic rivalry game between 2 teams on an annual basis at a neutral or alternating site. That way you get 8 home, 8 away, and 1 nuetral site game. For that extra game, you get a 2nd bye week to rest in exchange.

Just a couple of ideas. Steelers vs. Eagles at Happy Valley every year. That stadium could hold most of both teams fan bases. Ravens vs. Redskins. Alternate the game between Fedex field and M&T. Giants vs. Jets. Raiders vs. 49ers. Colts vs. Bears. Jags vs. Bucs in Orlando. Both teams need help selling tickets and this game would allow both teams fans to attend. Browns vs. Bengals at the horseshoe would make sense except for the division being the same. Cowboys vs. Texans. There are quite a few games that make sense and it would be an easy travel week for most teams. You could also rotate this game once every decade to a nuetral site out of the country (London, Mexico, Germany) to cover the NFL's desire to expand globally.
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