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Default Re: Lets Look At the Positives

Well, its pretty well a given that we're going to lose either Foote or Farrior, if not both. Thats 5.8 million in cap space at middle line backer, and I can't see the Steelers paying someone $3 mil to be a back up. Much the same way I can't see them paying Hines $4 mil to be the 3rd, 4th, or 5th receiver. It sucks, but the numbers are the numbers.
Would a second first round pick be worth Wallace? If we use first two rounds to shore up o-line, d-line, and ILB, and pick up a 6'4" WR in the third or 4th round, then I could see it. Ben hasn't had that big target since Plax left (well, for two years with butter-hands), and that could be what it takes to make our O more run/short pass oriented, which seems to be what management wants.
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