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Default Re: Draft Pick Value Chart

last year the falcons traded up to the 6th spot with the browns to draft julio jones.

the 6th spot was worth 1600 pts.

the falcons gave up the 27th pick- 680 pts.
59th- 310 pts.
124th- 48 pts.

plus their 1st round pick from this year (which everyone had to assume would be a playoff team drafting in positions 20-32).

22nd- 780

= 1818.

due to the falcons one and done playoff run, cleveland got the better of the deal to the tune of 218 points wich roughly equates to the 10th pick in the third round. had the falcons made it to the 2nd or 3rd round of the playoffs (like many expected) the deal woulda wound up even steven according to the chart.

according to the chart which just about all teams use (despite what message board savants and wanna be gurus say) any team that gives up a late 1st rounder for mike wallace is getting a complete steal.
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