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Default Man, the Pirates radio announcers are AWFUL!

I live in the northeast corner of the state, so I pick up the Bucs on XM. Half the time I get the away feed, but right now they are at home, and WHO THE HECK ARE THESE GUYS CALLING THE GAME?

I mean, god forbid you interrupt your little banter to explain how that guy got on second base! Or describe that single in the same tone of voice that you are talking about the Phillies pitcher's debut... "He only played a few games for their minor league team, there's a single, and then they brought him to the big club..." Or Bay's bases clearing triple with absolutely no fervor at all! There's a fly ball to right, He's back (at this point I'm thinking the inning is over), it's off the wall, one run is in, another, the bases are cleared and Bay's going for third (here the guy finally got a little bit pumped).

If this is the attitude down at PNC Park no wonder the team sucks. It's a miracle they get out of bed and get down to the stadium.

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