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Old 07-07-2008, 11:59 AM   #21
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Default Re: Franken tries the switch from comic to Congress

In a state that elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura to Governor this doesn't surprise me.

I guess Prince was already booked up this year? He would win hands down if he decided to run.
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Old 07-07-2008, 01:29 PM   #22
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Default Re: Franken tries the switch from comic to Congress

Originally Posted by Hawk Believer View Post
So how does that suggest that this wasn't anything more than an accounting screw up? .
What I am suggesting is that he is either a liar or the most naive person in the world...NOONE who has a multi-million dollar corporation has ONE accountant that handles both personal and corporate taxes. For example...MY accountant would know nothing about tour accounting or keeping track of the money a touring entertainer makes in various states.

He reported the money he earned in California. The problem was he reported the income in the state he lived in, no the state he earned it in..... The point is that he already paid taxes on this income. He didn't try to evade them. He paid in the wrong states.

Actually the Franken campaign initially claimed that the reason no taxes were paid in California was because he had done no business in that state...

Franken owes California $5,800 in back taxes and penalties for failing to file state income tax returns for the corporation from 2003 to 2007.
The dollar figure represents a minimum tax charged to corporations with or without reported income.
The campaign explained that no returns were filed because Franken hadn't done business in the state since 2003

I agree that showed a bit of naivette on his part. Since the bloggers brought the New York and California tax issues to light, Franlken hired an accountant team to go back and review all the mistakes that were made by their incorrect interpretation. Given how many political enemies Franken has made over the past decade, he should have done a better job vetting himself as all federal candidates need to do these days.
Totally agree

I believe whoever he had working on his taxes could have made a mistake. Much like the mistake made in the McCain household.
Hmmmm...comparing Franken's forked tongue double speak...and McCains wife's (not John McCain...they file seperately) falure to pay a back tax for a property where an elderly aunt of Cindy’s lives? I guess I fail to see the similarity.

So I need to stick to the argument? The clear contention of the article was that Al Franken was tied to the Air America Boys and Girls Club scandal. I challenge you to produce a shred of evidence that shows Franken missapropriated tax dollars to Air America as you suggested. So I don't know, you tell me. Who made up the connection between Franken and the Boy and Girls Club Scandal? I am curious to know who was so integrity deficient that they were able to produce the smear. Malkin, Maloney or the Moonies? They all seem capable. Actually, Maloney does have some good content on his blog. He is just overly obsessed with Franken IMHO
In From the Cold
....In their continuing investigative series on the Air America scam, Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney have caught Mr. Franken in a major lie regarding the struggling network's finances. You may recall that Air America's star host has claimed that he knew nothing (until recently) of the $875,000 "loan" from the Brox-based Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, and the original owners of the liberal radio network. Now, Malkin and Maloney have unearthed legal documents--signed by Franken--which transferred the assets of Air America to its new owners, Piquant Media.

According to the document, Piquant acknowledged the loan from Gloria Wise, and agreed to repay it. Of course, some of the money from the Boys and Girls Club allegedly came from federal programs, designed to aid underprivileged youth and Alzheimer's patients. One of Air America's creditors has labeled the asset transfer a "fraudulent conveyance." Authorities in New York are now looking into Air America's shady finances, including the transfer from Gloria Wise. Based on his signature, Mr. Franken knew of the "loan" at the time Piquant took control of Air America in November of last year--months before his original timeline.

Let's see...Al Franken was a signatory to a deal that may have been fraudulent. I'm not a lawyer, but wouldn't that make him a co-conspirator? I'm also wondering if New York investigators have talked with Mr. Franken, and how his original "version" of events squares with the reality of those legal documents....
The loan was finally repaid in 2006 with the stipulations that all charges be dropped and that Al Franken signature was to be viewed as only used to "facilitate the transaction and allow the network to survive under new ownership"

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Old 07-07-2008, 01:40 PM   #23
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Default Re: Franken tries the switch from comic to Congress

well if he is lying then he will make a good politican..lol

In memory of my brother Michael, who gave me my love of sports. I will miss you!
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Old 07-09-2008, 10:50 AM   #24
Hawk Believer
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Default Re: Franken tries the switch from comic to Congress

So re: taxes, here is my take. Franken did not manage his accounting well and screwed up his returns. But he never attempted to evade his taxes. He paid on all his income, but in some cases to the wrong states. He is correcting that and has sent out a check. IMO, I think he is guilty of following poor advice (which is relevant to a debate of his abilities as a potential senator) but I don't think its reasonable to accuse him of trying to purposefully evade paying taxes.

There is also the fee issue in CA. He reportedly owed some money because he hadn't properly dissolved his corporation in the state of CA and reportedly didn't know that he needed to be paying a yearly fee to maintain it there. So again, it seems he didn't have a very detail oriented accounting team. I read some articles that said his accountant produced a letter from years ago showing that they had tried to notifiy the state of CA that they wanted to dissolve. But some have accused them of fabricating the letter ex post facto. If that is shown to be true and Franken was involved, that would obviously be huge issue and should absolutely exclude him from cerving in Congress. But I think that accusation could very well be a baseless smear given the the circumstances.

Re the Gloria Wise Boys and Girl's club scandal. I still stand by my BS call on that original citation. There is no evidence anywhere that connects Franken to the scandal. The missapropriation was between Gloria Wise and the Air America exec evan Cohen. Cohen not only engaged in this scandal, he missrepresented (perhaps lied is a better term) about the finances of Air America to its investor and employees when is was struggling during its early days. The financial situation was so dire that employees weren't getting paid. Because Franken had one of the higher salaries, he probably got stiffed the most.

Cohen got ditched and a new company was formed to take over Air America. Franken had grounds to sue the old company because of all the money he had been owed and the lies he had been told. The deal for the new ownership was conditional upon him signing the contract to say he would not sue the new company for what the old ownership had done to him. Franken never was an investor or owner of the company.

Again, no evidence at all that he had any responsibility for the Boys and Girls Club Scandal. Eagerly waiting for it.

Re: the McCains and their "tax dodge." I don't think the McCains intentionally evaded paying taxes on their property. I think this just shows the hypocrisy that springs up in partisan politics and how it gets exacerbated in election years. I think its funny how people pass it off as not relating to McCain because he and his wife file seperately. I can just imagine how this would be treated by the press if Michelle Obama had not paid her taxes. It would be running on a endless loop on cable news and nobody would allow Barak to pass it off as his wife's problem IMO. They would be asking how he could run the country when he can't even be an executive in his own household? When Kerry married a gal who had a family fortune and was able to bank roll his carreer in politics, it was a sign of a major character flaw to many on the right. But when McCain is itheir candidate, living off of a sugar momma doesn't seem to be an issue. And there doesn't seem to be much pressure for Cindy to release her IRS returns. I have no reason to believe there is anything that would embarrass McCain in his bankroll, but the longer they hold out on not releasing their finances the more they are putting themselves at risk for appearing to be hiding something.

I of course don't think the McCains where purposefully evading taxes just like I don't think Franken was either. I don't think it indicates either candidate is unfit for office. I do think it indicates that tax law is very, very complicated and hard to manage and could stand to be simplified. Much like Mitt Romney's hiring of illegal immigrants didn't make him a hyporcrite (even though that was a cheap and easy accusation to throw out at the time.) It just showed how integrated illegal imigration was in our economy and how one of the most prominant anti-illegal immigration candidates couldn't avoid hiring illegals even though he didn't want to.

Given Franken's career as such a partisan and divisive commentator/entertainer, I think there is plenty of legitimate fodder for his opponents to use in a campaign to have the Minnesota voters wonder if he is the guy they want representing them in Congress. I don't think his opponents need to fabricate things that didn't really happen. But negative lies sure work well in persuading some voters.

BTW, the Minnesota senate race has become even more interesting. Jesse "The Body" Ventura had thrown his hat in. Looks like he initially has drawn slightly more from Coleman than Franken, but Coleman still has a commanding lead tight now.

[A recent state poll has Coleman leading with 52 percent of the vote and Franken with 40 percent.

A hypothetical race with Ventura shows Coleman with 41 percent, Franken with 31 percent and Ventura with 23 percent.
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. - Jebediah Springfield
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