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Old 08-15-2009, 04:26 AM   #1
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Default Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Ok. I have about 650 pages left to read before monday. So why waste time reading when I can breakdown the Steelers!

(all directions for the Steelers are for the way the steelers are facing. So Kemo moving left is him moving FROM center, moving right is moving TOWARDS center, etc., of course, the opposite is true for who they are facing, thus, RT is up by the LDE of the defense).

THis is ONLY for the first team.

First play, first series: Cluster to the right, Holmes split left. Mendy in the backfield. It is a run to the left side of the line, designed to go outside the tackle. Starks moves right to seal off the Kemo goes up against the center with Leg who takes on . Kemo and Leg. do a NICE job of stopping the Center (Kemo) and LILB coming through on a bull rush. Trai Essex is supposed to pull to seal off the LB coming in form the right side creating the hole. Essex wiffed. It looks like he took a bad angle. Maybe expected the RB to be coming up faster than he did. Starks kind of whiffs as well, with the RE sliding through after being bumped (maybe handing him off to Heath, who was following Essex from the TE/WR position in the cluster formation). Mendy gets through the frist guy (the one Trey wiffed on, but at least he got in his way) and is hit by the guy Starks wiffed on (Heath is facing up the RILB, which seems logical for his assignment). Had Starks and Essex blocked their guys, every other card but 1 was sealed off. Mendy could of come up off heath's outside hip (now standing about where the LT lined up... plus a yard or two further) and it would have been a footrace. Holmes has the CB lined up for a block. BTW, Legursky got pushed a bit, about two steps, but then stops the push stone cold and starts pushing back HARD.

In all honesty, this was a BEAUTIFUL designed play by Arians. mendy did a pretty good job getting through the first guy. Essex made a timing/angle mistake, but I expect he will get better at it. Starks, well, not sure what he was doing.

Play Two

Three wide, two to the right, with Sweed split out, Holmes down low. mendy in the backfield and a TE.

Pass play. Colon does a GREAT job of pushing driving his guy beyond Ben and then clamping down on him. Essex is being driven backwards into Ben. However, after a couple steps backwards, he seems to put on the breaks, though that might be because his guy sees Ben throwing the ball. Starks is being used as a moving pylon in a rushing drill. Dang, I thought he was a bit better than that. Starks' guy comes around and brings down Ben, but only after Ben throws the ball. Mendy is swinging out for a pass, and runs RIGHT PAST Starks guy without even a shoulder chip. that is all it that it would have taken for Starks to get back to the guy and stop him. DANG.................. Kemo and Leg. Stonewall their guys. That left interior looks STRONG on the first two plays. I count 2.5 seconds between the snap and an arm being put on Ben. It seems like another well constructed play. TE goes out and Ward spins on what looks like about a 5 yard button hook. Nice quick throwing play.

third play

5 Wide. Still not quite used to seeing that with the Steelers! Three on the left, two on the right. And the Cards were offsides (unabated to the QB.

Third play part two

Line up with Holmes split to right. I formation with two TE's. Holmes comes in motion an rests almost like a second tight end. BEAUTIFUL SHORT YARDAGE PUSH by the right side. Every man on the O line at least stonewalls his guy, NO ONE gets penetration beyond the LOS for the D. Starks is 2 yards beyond the LOS MANHANDLING his guy. Davis comes through the hole first and does a good job picking up the LB, sealing him. Unfortunately, Holmes from that almost 2nd TE position gets pushed a little, (Either its that big safety of the Cards or a LB... nope, its the big safety. Wow that guy is huge) and then allowed his guy to slip inside to fill the space Davis created and thus, the gain was only for short yardage. I have to admit, GREAT work by the entire line there. Essex IS only at the LOS however, but at least he wasn't push backwards. Colon about the same. But with the run going to the other side, that is about all you really want of them here. After first contact (safety at the LOS), Mendy still pushes through a pile for 2 yards. That actually was a VERY nice run push after first contact. I gotta admit, I didn't think he did as good as this at first glance.

Dang... Just found, Darnell Docket is HUGE as well, this entire D for the Cards is huge. Docket is lined up on their left side, going against Colon and Essex. Oh, I see, Colon actually turned his momentum.. Dang. If Colon was a little bigger, he would be a MONSTER. As is, I am quite impressed going up against a guy that much bigger and doing that well.

Fourth Play (1st Down)

Ok, this is an interesting alignment. three TE's, Single back Holmes split left. mendy goes in motion, now empty backfield. GREAT pass protection. a 3 count and no one was NEAR Ben. All three TE's went out, so it was actually just the Line blocking 3 DL and a LB. Colon was about to have some trouble if Ben didn't get the ball off, but a step forward or backward would have taken care of it. Everyone else was solid, and actually, so was Colon, Ben probably could have had a 4 count or maybe 5 (pushing it) before he would have been hit or touched.

Both TE's (right side) went out on short routes with Mendy going on what looks like a post. Again, it cleaned up the underneath for a 3 yard pass.

I REALLY like the short quick stuff. Yeah, we needed to get a few more yards on that play. But they ball is coming out MUCH faster right now.

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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Fifth Play, 2nd Down

2 wide Single back TE's on either side. Ohhhh.. its the old Willie Parker 75 yard TD play. Kemo pulls to the right and cracks his guy. He seems FAST--for a 300+ pound lineman . The entire right side fires off the line and meets the D line coming out of their crouch. Stark's guy knifes through and works Starks all the way to the right side to blow up the play. Mendy gets hit, and again, gains 2 yards or so after the hit in a crowd of traffic. LEGURSKY IS A STUD. His guy was COMPLETELY out of the play pushed way back. Essex slipped off to the left, which isn't good if the run is going to the right. However, he kept on his guy, not bad work. Can tell he hasn't started much at this level, but may definitely get better with some work. Colon gets some push.

I don't know who said Spaeth can't block. But he pushed his guy back and kept him out of the play as well.

They got about 4 on the run play... with Mendy getting about 2 after contact. It was the LILB coming in that got the hit and stuffed up the line.. there were 8 in the box. Taking out the TE and putting in a FB there may have done a much better job. However, with the LG pulling, it may have stuffed up the hole with black and gold bodies instead. None the less, it was a good run play

6th Play, 3rd down

three wide, three to the left one up top. mendy in the backfield. Its a blitz, bringing 6 guys. Starks engages the guy as he is going around him and pushes him passed Ben. Kemo allows his guy to hit him, push him about a step and a half back, and then done. He isn't going anywhere else. Legursky picks up his guy and drives him to the right. The right side picks up all their guys as well, one gets through to wave a hand at the pass, but only after a 3 count. Had Ben not thrown the ball, he could have stepped up and had another couple seconds in the pocket. GREAT job of pass protection by the line. Essex and Colon looks like they have doubleteamed the DLE... he is hUGE... Mendy stepped up to block. Didn't really have to blcok the guy, but did get hands on him, then Legursky has pushed his guy all the way over INTO Mendy and the 5th rusher DANG. I am REALLY starting to like this Legursky kid.

Ben airmailed it to holmes. Looks like he is trying to get used to the quick passes.... and that one was just a little too much. Holmes (as usual) would have been open for a pass to the outside and underneath... That seems to just be a training camp mistime. It'll be fixed. (oh yeah, Colon was off the line here and thus, a penalty )

Think about this people... 6 plays, 4 minutes. I don't care what you say, that is eating some time off the clock.

Second Drive, First play.

Ok. 5 wide, on our 8 yard line. 3 rec. down below. (left side). Ben is in the Shotgun.

Cards rush four. Colon is pushing his guy back behind Ben... OH MY.. Starks' jockstrap is laying on the field!! This guy starts to the outside on Starks, then as Starks moves that way, the DE throws him to the outside and has a straight shot on Ben. Essex does a NICE job getting in the way of the NT stunting around the LE... Essex gets pushed around a bit, but keeps the guy away, until Ben has to move away wfrom stark's guy. THen that throws it all into an uprpar.

WOOOOOOOOOW... The LE comes in to Leg (ursky). For a second you see him stand there.. and then the LE goes backwards about half a yard in the air and his plant foot is a full yard back from where he engaged Legursky. I sure hope the coaches are seeing this.... boys and girls, if this kid isn't a flash in a pan... WOW.

Kemo and Legus. seem to work really well together, passing this guy off from one to the other too. BTW, Ben scrambles and puts a NICE move on a defender (who admittedly was on the ground... but reaching for Ben.) Ben hops out of the way and starts running. Guess that extra weight isn't hurting him at all.

4 seconds until first contact too... which means that the line was actually decent... even Starks held on long enough. After 4 seconds, IMO, it is up to Ben to make a decision.

Second drive, second play

Two wide, both down low (left side) 1 back. 2 TE on the right.

Cards blitz 6 people. Ben is under center. He takes what looks to be a 7 step drop. stops, bounces once, and releases the ball. 3 count until he releases it... He probably could have held on to it for another second...

ROTFL... There is no pocket this tine. There is a freaken WALL infront of Ben. One blitzer knifed through and Legursky picked him up driving him to the right. There might have been a little hold on Leg. there... and had Ben held on to the ball for a couple more seconds, it would have been a sack. However, 3-4 seconds on a 6 man blits (up the middle nonetheless) isn't bad. interior lineman dealth with there mismatch pretty well. All in all, had Legursky been able to pop his guy a bit better comin across the line, that would have been PERFECT. The rest of the guys are just standing there with arms extended and not moving... as if to say, "is that all you have?" it really is nice to see.

The pass was to Hines over the middle for a first down. Seems Hines sat right in the seem of a Zone package. with Holmes and Heath drawing guys to the outside.

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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

2nd Drive, 3rd play 1st down

Single back, Holmes and ward split out either side.. .Ward goes into motion

its a run to the right. Wait... another Superbowl Willie Run... WOW, Kemo comes out and KICKS out the guy... just from the hit.. the guy spins around 180 degrees and it takes three big steps for him to stop his momentum... and is completely out of the play. Mendy is following, and those quick feet get him up and over Kemo and up field a step or two... but with no room to run... let's find out why.

Starting with the left side...Ok, Starks ends up on his Belly with the RE diving over him to get a touch on Mendy. Alright... I am starting to think those who think Spaeth is a bad blocker just don't watch the games. He drove his guy up the field (yes, the guy was trying to run to the ball, but Spaeth was 3 yards upfield by the time the run was finished.

the right side got push up field, about a couple yards, but not enough to open up some big lanes... they are pushing bodies, but not clearing them (which is an improvement from last year). the Cards are coming in and filling the lanes pretty well. Of course, both OLB's were rushing as well. Some play action passes would slow that down REAL fast... but this is preseason.

2nd Drive 4th play

1 back, receivers on the right (Ward in motion ends up split to the left) Mendy is dropped behind the LOS running to the right. Essex pulls out and seals off the corner well, but a LB comes through and gets him... gotta be honest, a FB would have picked that up. However, .... Nope... No need for a fullback.

Mendy was trying to upfield on the outside hip of the tackle instead of runing past the sealed off block of Essex, who seems to have also pulled to seal off the block... not sure what is going on here. Honestly, Willie P. would habe broken that one for about 5 yards... if he got past the LB, it would have gone quite a bit further because.. Oh look...14, Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed is blocking! he has to get more solid, but it sure is nice seeing our youngen's blocking!!

of course, that IS Karlos Dansby with the tackle, that kid is FAAAAAAAAAAST.

2nd Drive, 5th play

3 bunched down low, one split up top. 1 back, Ben in the shotgun

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed with a BEAUTIFUL David Tyree catch. But before that, Cards rush 4 against the Steelers basic 5 man line. 3 seconds to get the pass off... However, there is a black and gold jersey between every Card and Ben... and also almost 4 yards or more...and ben only dropped back 3 steps from teh shotgun.

Sweed's hands are a good 3 feet above anyone elses. He is getting the ball at the highest point about a yard beyond the first down marker.
First down!

2nd Drive 6th Play
split wide to right, TE's on both sides, and a FB. Vincent running.

Holy Cow!!!!!1 It isn't that vincent is good (or not good), its that the line had a hat on EVERY SINGLE PERSON and rove them back 2 yards. I am not kidding, When Vincent gets to the see of black jersey's, he is literally 2 yards beyond the LOS. That is the BEST all around push I have seen yet.

BTW, it wasn't an I formation... FB was to the outside, and kicked out right, but Vincent came back inside. Had Vincent followed the FB, that may have been a BIG run. Strike that, it WOULD HAVE been a big run. Bad choice by vincent to go up the middle on that. Follow the FB. No, Davis didn't BLOW A HOLE through, but he did pick up a block and open up a nice run lane.

And as I keep watching this... the he may have not got any more yards following the FB... but it looked promising.

2nd Drive, 7th play

Same formation, wide to the left.

Line didn't get as good a push, but there were 6 Cards right up on the line or a yard off it. plus aobut 3 more within 7 yards of the line. Mendy starts following the FB (davis) and the hole Davis chooses closes behind him, cutting off the RB from teh FB. Mendy spins out of it and into the arms of a LB.

Honestly, that is no one's fault... it is preseason, There is no scheming. It seems like the plays are of the "we need work on these plays" issues. Again, a Play action on a couple of these would loosen everything right up, and this year, it DOES look like our line is strong enough to deal with it... that and ben is learnign a quicker release.

2nd Drive 8th play

3rd and 4... 5 wide, Ben in shotgun.

Part 2
3rd and 9. 1 up top, 2 at the bottom, 1 RB and Ben in the shotgun.

Blitz is coming, rushing 5. Interesting setup... 2 guys with their hands down. 2 outside LBs up on the line, 3 behind them, and 4 over the top. guy from the left standing where the RILB or the nickel CB would stand comes around the OLB on a stunt and right at Ben. Ben has to rush, he barely had 2 seconds to get it off...and it looks like it was actually deflected. Great thing though, the receivers are ALL looking back at Ben already, which means they ALL picked up the blitz and are probably running hot routes.

The pass was to Sweed BTW.. which means that Sweed picked up the hotroute too.


Though the very next play, Mendy goes outside for a nice gain.. looks like the coaches were working specifically on keeping the ball inside to give the first team line some work. and yeah, mendy looks fast bouncing it outside.

LImas Sweed looks GOOOD. Yeah, he dropped one ball later on... but wow does he look like he has adjusted to the speed.

Ok, Mendy is running agaisnt what is probably second string D., and he is running yards at a time now... So I guess running against 1st string DOES mean something. Wow.. now he is gashing them. Yeah... there is a big difference.3 runs, shortest run is 4 yards.

That's all folks.... I promise this time!!!

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The Lakelander
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Wow. That's a cool breakdown.

Can't wait to get time to read this.
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Nice job, preach! I have a friend trapped in Indonesia with no way to watch the preseason games and I'm sure he'll enjoy this!
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Ah, the pre season stuff makes me crack up................First tastes of football makes people go nuts........... I love it.......Good stuff.......I can't wait till it gets cold.......You remember the "Autumn WInd" didy Facienda said about football and the Raiders.....Well thats what gets me going.........Bring on the fall.......
Heart Matters The Most..................
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Originally Posted by The Lakelander View Post
Wow. That's a cool breakdown.

Can't wait to get time to read this.
Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Nice job, preach! I have a friend trapped in Indonesia with no way to watch the preseason games and I'm sure he'll enjoy this!
Thanks. Like I said, I was bored.

I notice I never did put my conclusions up.

1. The O line played much better than I thought. Hartwig may be in danger of losing his job if Legursky keeps up. That kid is a stud.

2. Starks "wow" He puts on the cape and suit, but instead of becoming Superman he becomes Ralph Hinkley from "The Greatest American Hero"

3. Ben, faster releases, never held the ball beyond a 4 count, more like a three count. ONly time he did, he was running for it.

4. Mendy looked much better than I thought. Scheming the offense and setting up plays should really help. PLus, this d. line was BIG.

5. The plays are actually superbly designed. A few of them were simply one block away from some big gains. Sadly, that one block a few times was either Starks or Essex, but Essex is new to starting.

6. Kemo is SOLID. Colon is SOLID. Kemo and Legursky together can DOMINATE that middle left side. Maybe we put Hartwig on the right side... we could have a series upgrade in the middle over last year.
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Yeah, will be interesting to see how the Center battle plays out. I see on CBS Rapid Reports, that Hartwig is back in pads and practicing today.

Does Hartwig have experience at RG? A combination of LG Kemo, C Legursky, and RG Hartwig might be a winning combination. Maximillion Starks needs to get the lead out and start being serious....
"On the S-2-7 train"
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

Thanks for the break down Preach.
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Default Re: Preacher's Offense Play by Play breakdown (first team)--

nice work preacher... ....if you were to grade them individualy, what grades would you be giving ?
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