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Old 09-22-2009, 07:45 PM   #1
A Son of Martha

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Default Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon. System acting up on my end, but we'll try to give this a go -- sort of like the Steelers offense these days.

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Good Afternoon ED! Regarding the pass intended for Santonio Holmes in the end zone prior to Reed's second FG miss, technically, wasn't the Bears defensive back face-guarding Santonio? The DB never looked back at the ball. Is face-guarding no longer considered pass interference?

Ed Bouchette: I don't have a rule book in front of me right now but I believe there is no face-guarding penalty/rule in the NFL

95_LLOYD: Ed, I disagree with your answer on the Q&A. In close ball games, the Steelers need to get first downs on 3rd & 2 instead of going for the juggler. I'm sure if Holmes would have caught the ball, we would be jumping for joy. However, this isn't the only time that this had happened. It is drive killers. You have to move the chains in close ball games.

Ed Bouchette: Who is to say they would have picked up the first down there? As I wrote in PG Plus today, everyone is right on Monday morning, when all the calls are great ones.

95_LLOYD: Ed, Do you think Mendenhall will get more touches? I think he will be the feature back by the Denver game. Not because of his two good plays against the bears. If you look at the Titans game, he was hit in the backfield 3 times, but he fell forward all three times. I think Mendenhall gives us the better chance right now.

Ed Bouchette: I'm not so sure about that.

SteelersPSU: Ed, of all the teams to complain about sloppy field conditions, don't you think it is just a bit ironic that Holmes used that as an excuse? I'm hoping that next week he focuses more on hanging onto the ball and less on making unprofessional comments. Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: I don't know if he used it as an excuse. I asked him the question if the ball was wet/slippery and he answered honestly. He then added that you still have to be professional about it. There were drops on both sides Sunday and I think the conditions were part of the reason. The Steelers, though, should never complain about the conditions of someone else's field.

polamalu43: [B]Ed, are you still predicting Cincinnati wins on Sunday?
Ed Bouchette: yes

SteelTackle99: Ed, recently, you (or one of your colleagues) reported that Ryan Clark will have a choice of whether or not he plays in Denver, given the significant health issues that arose last time. Considering his value to the team and the risk of problems, will the Steelers allow him to abstain from even making this trip? I don't even like to think of him having to be in the mile-high city, let alone play in that game!

Ed Bouchette: If he won't play, he won't go there.

Katmandu: Ed, would the Steelers consider moving Clark to SS and inserting Ratliff or Townsend at Free?

Ed Bouchette: No, that won't happen. Rule of thumb usually is you do not make changes at 2 positions when you can limit it to one.

bostonburgher: Ed, what do you hear about Troy? Are we still looking at another 5 weeks or so?

Ed Bouchette: I think he might be ready sooner than that, perhaps in another 3 weeks

SteelersPSU: Ed, can everyone please just take a deep breath and relax? You'd think the way some media members and fans reacted to this game that we had just lost the Super Bowl. It's just one September football game. Remember the Eagles game last year? I think everything turned out OK. Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Just one September football game! Do you not know that one football game can bring down a season? And if you bring down a season, the next thing you know is it will start affecting how you think about the world. Just one football game, indeed.

Chooch79: Can you please advise Steeler Nation that missing 2 FGs has not turned Jeff Reed into Steve Blass?

Ed Bouchette: No, but as coaches love to say, a walk of 10,000 miles (or however long you want to make it) starts with that first step. I'm sure Blass will tell you that too. However, I agree that Reed should get a pass based on what he's done leading to that game.

NHSteel: Bad calls are not the reason the Steelers lost, but what did you think of the roughing the passer call against Harrison in the end zone? It seemed more like falling on wet turf rather than actually hitting Cutler. I think the refs are getting carried away with protecting the QB.

Ed Bouchette: I thought it was a legitimate call. You can argue if he hit too low or not, but can't argue that it was too late.

nycrob: If Troy was in the game, do you think the Bears would have gone down the field on the Steelers at the end?

Ed Bouchette: If, if, if. I would like to say no, but then Troy was in the game when the defense gave up those two fourth-quarter TDs to Arizona in the Super Bowl.

screenwriter: Ed, Is Troy's absence the difference between winning and losing? The Baltimore D has lost a few good linebackers in recent years (A.Thomas, B. Scott), yet it is still ferocious.

Ed Bouchette: Perhaps if Brian Urlacher played the Bears would have won more easily too.

screenwriter: Ed, With about 2:17 left in the game, the Steelers did not call a time-out and the clock went down to the 2-minute warning. Do you believe this should have been called to preserve a few more seconds (assuming Logan doesn't fumble the kickoff)?

Ed Bouchette: I never understood that strategy after all these years. You're still using one of your time outs that you can use AFTER the 2 minute warning if you did not use it before, right?

SteelersPSU: Ed, what are your thoughts on the Steelers loss to the Bears? You predicted a loss, so you obviously don't share the opinion of other "media" and fans that the sky is falling and pigs are flying.

Ed Bouchette: I think I just saw Porky whiz by overhead.
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Old 09-22-2009, 07:46 PM   #2
A Son of Martha

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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

timetopanic_: Ed, what is your best guess as to why the defense is not getting more sacks this year?

Ed Bouchette: I think, first of all, that Kerry Collins rarely gets sacked because he gets rid of the ball so quickly. I believe Jay Cutler took shorter drops and released it quicker. They did come close to Cutler a number of times.

steelers2112: Hi Ed, why did the Steelers build Heinz Field with only a little over 65,000 seats? With such a huge fan base and a waiting list for season tickets, why not a bigger Stadium? On any given Sunday fan attendance is one of the lowest in the league.

Ed Bouchette: There's an old story told to me by the Chief, the late Art Rooney, of the time Ralph Wilson proudly showed off his immense new stadium in Buffalo. I think it held 80,000 or so. The Bills were going great guns at the time and Wilson waved his hand around the stadium and asked the Chief how he liked it. "Great stadium," Rooney told him. "But how are you going to fill all those seats when you stink?" The Steelers did not want to build a stadium too big because you never know about demand in the down times (I saw many empty seats in the late 1980s even though they were sold out). However, I would expect the Steelers to add seats to Heinz Field before too long.

: Hi Ed. I feel like the offense gets too conservative, not only when they get a small lead but in the redzone as well. This leads to too much reliability on Jeff Reed and he was due for a miss. Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Conservative? Apparently you weren't among the gazillion emails I received who thought they were reckless for throwing to Santonio Holmes in the end zone. I also did not think Ben's bootleg TD from the 2 was conservative, nor the pass to Matt Spaeth for a score from the one. No, I do not think they are conservative anywhere on the field.

Old_Days: Ed, the staff seemed pretty high on Ramon Foster. Does he get an opportunity to get on the field without an injury occurring?

Ed Bouchette: They do not like to mix things up there without an injury. Foster, though, is active for games, which cannot be said for two recent draft choices, Hills and Urbik.

stillersrule: Ed: Have you seen an advance copy of James Harrison's book? If so, what's your take.

Ed Bouchette: No, I have not but I'll bet it's a good one. It's written by former PG writer Bill Moushey and supposed to come out in October.

rockville4steelers: Hey Ed. Do you anticipate any roster moves over the near term, DB or otherwise?

Ed Bouchette: No, I do not expect any but I've learned they can happen at any time. there's really no reason right now to do it that I see. They have enough DB depth

RandyUbro: Any chance they give Mendenhall more touches against Cin.?

Ed Bouchette: I would say yes, considering he got only 4 in Chicago, including one pass in the flat.

kavemokka: Does Coach Tomlin participate in either the Offensive or Defensive play calling?

Ed Bouchette: No, he lets his coordinators handle that.

Amos_P_Swanson: Jeff Reed missed the Buffalo pre-season game, and spoke of dealing long term with an ankle problem.....Could this be a factor in his bad start?

Ed Bouchette: I would think it could be but I can guarantee you he won't admit it.

Steeler_in_the_Bayou: Ed, Is the lack of points the past two weeks of any concern or is it a just two tough defenses?

Ed Bouchette: If they keep on this pace, they should score 15 points in Cincy

Amos_P_Swanson: I know you analyzed the Mendenhall 39 yard run in your blog. Any feedback from that? He looks to be running scared to me.

Ed Bouchette: Ah, thank you for the opportunity to push the blog and PG Plus. If you want to see all the juicy stuff go here. Ok, now what was your question? Oh, yeah, I would not be overly concerned about Mendenhall not stiff-arming the guy, or watching the safety as he ran down the sideline, or of not trying to get into the end zone. Maybe he's just not a good finisher.

Barrett_Brooks: Ed, why is Ike Taylor even on special teams if he's just going to get called for a penalty every time?

Ed Bouchette: Yeah, 2 penalties by him and another by Patrick Bailey on Chicago's first four punts. Not very smart football

zboys: Ed; I was at the game on Sunday and I could not understand why the Steelers went for the end zone with so much time left and so few yards to get a first down. Was there any post game commentary on that decision?

Ed Bouchette: Yeah, plenty of it. what's wrong with going for the end zone?

Mike_E: Ed, is G-20 a new trick play the Steelers will be using this Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: No, G-20 is where the Steelers offense usually bogs down.

OldSchoolPatriotFan: Not much has been made of Logan's fumble on the last kickoff. Should there have been more criticism?

Ed Bouchette: yes, I have one ready to go for PG plus and as you can imagine, it's not a positive one.

PhillyMarty: The Steelers seem to get ahead of teams early, but rarely put them away. Last game was a typical example. Are the Bears better than public opinion thinks? Do the Steelers have a Super Bowl hangover?

Ed Bouchette: Tune in at 9 for all the answers! I don't know about public opinion, but I picked the Steelers to lose in Chicago before the season even began. Jay Cutler is not chopped liver and neither is the Bears defense. The Steelers were involved in many close games last season and came out on top more often than not. Perhaps it will catch up to them this year.

PhillyMarty: The Steelers seem to get ahead of teams early, but rarely put them away. Last game was a typical example. Are the Bears better than public opinion thinks? Do the Steelers have a Super Bowl hangover?

Ed Bouchette: OK, thanks all. We'll see you next Tuesday.
First published on September 22, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09265...#ixzz0RsyygxEi
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

He picked the Bengals to win??/
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

Ed's a "sky is falling" type of guy more often than not.
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Old 09-23-2009, 03:43 AM   #5
Galax Steeler
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

There is alot of thing in this article that I agree with and they are some that just makes no sense to me. I guess that is why he is getting paid for his writing.
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

Man, we BETTER not lose to these sissy ass bungles.
Ward, after being fined by Goodell on a play that was not penalized:

Originally Posted by Hines Ward
What are you going to say, I was too rough?
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

what a negative guy he is
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

Sounds like he was either drunk during the game or hungover while doing the chat, and compensated by throwing in as many snarky one-liners as possible.

I mean, I'll do that too, but nobody's paying me.
"An empty victory is a victory nonetheless."
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

I can't imagine this place if we lost to the Bungles on Sunday
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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript

cant say im suprised by the answers to the questions just backs up my idea that Ed Bouchette is an asshole.
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